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Casserole/Chili/Stew Recipes
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Bean And Cabbage Stew Calories: 425 Bean And Cabbage Stew
This hearty stew - full of black beans and veggies makes a filling and satisfying meal. Put some in your thermos for lunch tomorrow!
Bouillabaisse Calories: 270 Bouillabaisse
If you're in the mood to impress - this is the recipe for you! Bouillabaisse is a popular Mediterranean fish stew that is heavenly!
Chicken And Bean Chili Calories: 226 Chicken And Bean Chili
White beans and chicken are a perfect alliance in this hearty, savory chili with just the right amount of spice. All topped off with colorful veggies!
Chicken Parmigiana Calories: 161 Chicken Parmigiana
You don't have to go out to enjoy this dish! It's easy to make at home and much healthier too. Enjoy this dish served over whole wheat spaghetti.
Chicken Stew Calories: 190 Chicken Stew
If you have leftover chicken, give this easy and tasty stew a try! Add your own combination of veggies if desired.
Chicken Tortilla Casserole Calories: 195 Chicken Tortilla Casserole
Layers of tortillas, chicken and a zesty, creamy sauce is scrumptious. Serve this rich casserole with a fresh, crisp green salad.
Chickpea Stew Calories: 243 Chickpea Stew
Cumin and oregano add big flavor to this chickpea stew full of veggies and corn. Enjoy a bowl with a side salad or a slice of whole grain bread.
Corn and Okra Stew Calories: 98 Corn and Okra Stew
A touch of ham and basil make this okra, tomato and corn stew spectacular!
Creamy Casserole Calories: 229 Creamy Casserole
Casseroles are the perfect comfort food. Enjoy this yummy, creamy and rich casserole with your family tonight!
Cupboard Cassoulet Calories: 290 Cupboard Cassoulet
Keeping canned beans stocked in your cupboard is perfect for throwing together last minute meals. And, this recipe doesn't skimp on flavor!
Eggplant Parmesan Calories: 384 Eggplant Parmesan
This traditionally high fat entrée is baked and uses low-fat cheese making it much healthier! Plus, you’ll get a healthy dose of phytonutrients.
Hearty Chili Calories: 188 Hearty Chili
Enjoy a hearty and filling bowl of this zesty turkey chili with a large green salad for lunch or dinner.
Showing Results 1 - 12 of 34 for Casserole/Chili/Stew Recipes
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May 03, 2020
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May 01, 2020
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