My Premium Tools

Meal Tracker

Record your daily food intake using the Calorie Counter to find the food you ate. Choose from over 6000 food items listed or, if you already know how many calories your food contains, keep a note of it here. Do you have favorite meal combinations? Save them as favorite meals!

Exercise Tracker

This tool will help you stay on top of the amount of calories you have burned throughout the day, whether it's doing housework or strength training.

Weight Tracker

Need help keeping accountable and sticking to your diet? This weight tracker will record and create progress graphs so you can feel proud about how far you have come on your weight loss journey.

Workout Builder

Prefer customizing your own workout but need ideas or ways to improve your technique and form? Our workout builder contains hundreds of demonstrated exercises so you can easily make your own exercise playlist that fits you.

My Workout Videos

Love to exercise with an instructor, workout songs or fun outdoor workout ideas? Access thousands of exclusive workout videos that will be sure to motivate you to get moving today!

My Nutrition Videos

Access hundreds of nutrition, cooking and food videos based on the 1000+ healthy weight loss recipes demonstrated by chefs, nutritionists and food experts.

My Motivation Calendar

Need some encouragement and fresh ideas? Check out your monthly Fitness & Motivation Calendar - full of fun advice, tips and personal challenges!