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Recipe: Hot Italian Sandwich Mar 14, 2013
Excellent when altered to fit your taste!
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So I normally do not like raw tomatoes or basic caprese things because I feel they like the spice, salt, and satisfying flavor of rich food. This is a great idea and will taste great to many people. I would suggest even doing it open face to elimate the calories or double the meal satisfaction. I decided to use 3 sundried tomatoes that I drained and rinsed the oil off of and then minced. I sliced a tomato thin. The mozzarella I got was the kind that breaks into little \"cherries\" and is much easier to handle. I used some of the fresh but bruised basil leaves, the small chopped sundried tomatoes, the slices of tomato, sea salt, pepper, dried oregano, a smidge of crushed red pepper flakes, the fresh mozzarella, and 1 1/2 cap (yes the cap of whatever you\'re pouring is useful) fulls of Giraud\'s Old Venice italian dressing in a ziplock back which I marinated for several hours. With the zero calorie spray on the two slices of trader joe\'s shepherd\'s bread (what was available) and the pan I mixed both olive oil and butter sprays. This last thing made a HUGE difference in the taste and the crisping up of the bread. I first used a very low temp in a sautee pan with a lid to make sure the cheese really melted. Once it did I pressed the basil leaves onto it and covered it with the other piece of bread, already sprayed with the mix of zero cal olive oil and butter flavor sprays. This made this \"hot\" sandwich more of a panini and kept it sticking together. The bread came out perfectly golden brown and crisp on both sides. Tasted like I used olive oil and butter to bruschetta it! Besides marinating, this was the key trick. The calorie count was the same, only it tasted like I did not skimp at ALL. Last hint, besides adjusting the S&P and whatever other spices one likes, is to take 2 capfulls of the same dressing (or whichever kind of italian vinagrette, even if it just is balsamic alone) for a dipping sauce on the side. I only used a small portion of my small portion of dip ;) but it made me feel like I was breaking all diet rules and gorging out as much as dipping it in butter would have :) . Since no one else wrote a review, I figured I\'d do the best I can in detail with mine. Oh, as for the flame to cook on, I recommend low, as one can easily toast the bread on a higher setting once the cheese finally melts.
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