When you become a Diet.com Premium Member, you'll receive access to any of our Premium exercise plans, designed by certified personal trainers. Our plans can help you get started with a new fitness routine or build upon what you already know with a progressive exercise plan structure. With three levels of skill, you can follow a program that meets your needs, while pushing yourself to progress. Upgrade your account to Premium to begin your lifestyle-based Diet.com exercise and meal plans today!
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See a 3 day sample of our Beginner Exercise Plan!
Beginner Exercise Plan
As a beginner you are making a great step for your health by beginning an exercise plan. With the Beginner Exercise Plan, you can start slow, learning basic exercises that you can incorporate into your new weekly fitness routine. Upgrade to a Premium membership to follow this 4-week exercise plan, and at the end of 4 weeks you can decide if you're ready to progress to the next level, or if you'd prefer to repeat the Beginner Exercise Plan till you feel more comfortable. View a 3-day sample of the plan below!