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What are points?

Need an extra boost of motivation? You can now earn Points just by using our helpful weight loss tools and features. Each time you use a feature on the site, you'll be automatically racking up points that will move you to the next level! By upgrading to a premium membership, you will earn double points for everything you do!

What are bonus Points?

Each day, you will find different features will be in the bonus points category. By using these designated weight loss tools on this day, you'll earn double the usual points for that action!

What are overtime points?

You earn OVERTIME on the weekends! While "overtime" in the real world might translate to "time and a half"... in virtual Land your overtime is worth DOUBLE!!!!

It's as simple as this: log in to the site on the weekends and earn DOUBLE the points for all the activities you love to do all week long anyway! This INCLUDES Bonus activity points (yep, double their worth too!!).

What is the point of points??

While the points system is not about making your entire experience about earning points, it is to keep you motivated!

Why are you rewarding me for sitting at my computer instead of being active? Points are a great way to keep you accountable and make sure that you are active and motivated. You are rewarded for keeping track of what you eat, your exercise, and your mood. We also believe that your active participation in our vibrant support community will increase your chances of weight loss success! That is why you are also rewarded for your involvement in the online community. All in all, please consider Diet Points as a tool - not an end.


How can I maximize the amount of points I am getting?

The best way to rack up points on is by being active! By entering everything you eat into the meal tracker and each time you exercise into the Exercise Tracker, you're sure to earn a great base number of points every day! By staying active in the message boards, blog section and your support groups, you'll put yourself over the top in no time!

Another great way to double the number of points you receive in an instant is by signing up for a Premium Membership! In addition to earning double points for everything you do, you'll have access to our site's experts for one-on-one personal support and advice.

How many points can I get for each action?

This information can be found in your "Points" Module on your homepage also.

Join Diet.com510
Log In12
Fill out your profile1020
Become a Premium Member250--
Use the Exercise Tracker510
Use the Glucose Tracker510
Use the Meal Tracker510
Write in your Journal1020
Use the Weight Tracker510
Reach your goal weight510
Join a Group48
Join the Weight Loss Challenge510
Invite your friends to your group12
Create a NEW Group510
Cheer someone on!12
Write a blog entry36
Post a NEW Group Message36
Upload an image36
Answer a motivational question36
Complete a mini challenge36
Review a diet or product36
Review a recipe12
Comment on a blog24
Reply to a group board post24
Reply to a board post24
Add a NEW Support Buddy!12
Refer a friend12
Invite friends for support!48
Save a favorite recipe12
Take a quiz36
View An Exercise Demo12
Listen to a Podcast!12
Watch a video12

How many points do I need to move to the next level?

There are four different points levels you can reach at If you have less than 2,500 points you are automatically awarded a bronze membership. Silver is for members who have 2,500 or more points, gold for 5,000 or more, and platinum status is for members with over 10,000 points.

What restrictions are there?

While you can certainly to the actions as many times a day as you'd like, restrictions are set so members do not abuse the points system. The following restrictions are set up:

  • Blogs are limited to 3 posts per day for full point value. (Blog posts in excess of 3 will not be granted a point value)
  • Glucose tracker points are limited to 15 entries per day for full point value. (Excess entries will not be granted a point value)
  • Updating your weight is limited to 1 entry per day for full point value. (Excess entries will not be granted a point value)
  • Updating your goal weight is limited to 1 entry per day for full point value. (Excess entries will not be granted a point value)
  • Logging into your Account is limited to 3 times per day for full point value. (Excess login's will not be granted a point value)
  • Points for taking the Diet Personality Test are awarded once. (You can retake the test several times though out your weight loss journey, but will not be granted points.)
  • Joining the site and Upgrading to a Premium Membership will only be awarded points once (each).

Who do I contact if my points aren't adding up correctly?

If you believe your points aren't accumulating as they should be, you can contact us with your concern. As always, the feedback message board is closely monitored throughout the day also.