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Asian Super Slaw Calories: 203 Asian Super Slaw
Category: Salad
This delightful salad is full of bright colors and fabulous taste. Topped with lean beef - it can be served as side or main salad.
Barbecued Beef Calories: 106 Barbecued Beef
Category: Side Dish
Saucy lean beef is great when served on whole wheat buns or over brown rice with fresh steamed broccoli.
Barley Soup Calories: 270 Barley Soup
Category: Soup
Beef and barley soup is a classic and this recipe adds another classic to the soup pot - lima beans!
Beef And Broccoli Soup Calories: 440 Beef And Broccoli Soup
Category: Soup
This savory soup is a meal in a bowl - enjoy the yummy combination of lean beef, broccoli and noodles.
Crockpot Roman Beef Calories: 234 Crockpot Roman Beef
Category: Crockpot/Slow-Cooker
Are you too busy to cook a hearty homemade dinner? Let the slow cooked elegance of this Italian dinner bring a smile to your face.
Curried Beef And Rice Calories: 295 Curried Beef And Rice
Category: Main Dish
This flavorful and easy to prepare dish using lean flank steak is perfect for a busy weeknight.
French Onion Soup Calories: 137 French Onion Soup
Category: Soup
This French Onion soup is marvelous and it's healthy! This rich broth-like soup is complemented by toasted bread and Parmesan cheese.
Ginger Beef Stir Fry Calories: 199 Ginger Beef Stir Fry
Category: Main Dish
Stir-fries are an easy and quick meal option - this stir-fry is full of yummy veggies and a savory sauce. Add some instant brown rice for a complete meal.
Ginger Garlic Beef Calories: 153 Ginger Garlic Beef
Category: Main Dish
This rich and savory dish is magnificent, especially with the added broccoli, mushrooms and green onions. Serve with brown rice or Soba noodles.
Healthy Barley Soup Calories: 291 Healthy Barley Soup
Category: Soup
Heart healthy and high fiber, barley and lentils make this soup a hearty meal itself.
Indian Succotash Calories: 160 Indian Succotash
Category: Side Dish
Enjoy this tasty combination of ground beef, lima beans and tomatoes with brown rice and veggies.
Lemongrass Beef Calories: 253 Lemongrass Beef
Category: Main Dish
Lemon grass is a herb commonly used in Asian cooking. It's lemony flavor adds a nice touch to this spicy grilled beef dish.
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