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Some nutrition myths have been engraved in us for so long that we may not even realize what we have been fed to believe is actually completely false. It’s finally time to unveil the truth behind these nutrition myths.

Here are five common nutrition myths exposed:

Myth #1: Vitamins give you strength and endurance.
Truth: Vitamins do not contain calories and therefore cannot be used as fuel. Plus, our bodies urinate out about 70% of the vitamins that it doesn’t need. Vitamins primary use should be to help those of us who have deficiency determined by our doctor.

Myth #2: Low carb diets offer quick weight loss.
Truth: What you may not realize is that our bodies use carbs as energy. Therefore if we follow a “low carb” or even a “no carb” diet we are essentially forcing our bodies to use stored energy. When our bodies start using this stored energy it causes water to be released from our bodies which accounts for the drastic weight loss at the beginning of a low carb diet. However, this water weight loss is not permanent and can cause health concerns. Reducing your carbs may be beneficial but consult your doctor to determine how many carbs and calories you personal should consume in order to lose weight and stay healthy.

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Myth #3: Brown sugar is better for you than white sugar.
Truth: I would like to tell you that one is better for you than the other but they are simply created equal. Most brown sugar sold at your local grocery store is actually just white sugar with added molasses to give it that brown tint. Although brown sugar does contain less minerals the difference is insignificant and does not make much of a difference.

Myth #4: Health food stores only sell healthy food.
Truth: The words “All Natural” have no legal meaning behind them therefore these “All Natural” bars or dressing can actually contain the same about of preservatives, additives and cholesterol as regular store bought food. It is important that you read the labels despite where you are shopping!

Myth #5: All fat is bad for you.
Truth: This statement could not be more false. We need fat on our bodies to survive! Without fat our bodies could not absorb nutrients. However, unhealthy foods like fatty meats contain saturated fats which do increase health risks while foods such as olive oil contain monounsaturated fats that actually contribute to a healthy heart. It is important that we know the difference and consume either type of fat in moderation.

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