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Message Board ( 27 Topics ) > Your in-depth guide in avoiding DOMS after a big workout

Posted at: 4:27 am on August 22, 2017
Last Post By: robertfisher @ 4:27 am on Aug 22, 2017
When it comes to working out or exercising in general, there are two types of soreness. The first is the immediate soreness, sometimes called the acute soreness while the other, which is more common, is the DOMS, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. If you are experiencing any of these, you should not be scared as it happens to a lot of people in the fitness world. Today, we’ll be discussing DOMS, looking to know when it’s a good pain or when it is beginning to go out of hand, and then we will look at some prevention and remedy for it. Keep in mind that you can avoid DOMS but you are not assured that you won’t have to endure it when it comes once in a while.


This is one hell of a pain that for some people, serves as an indication that they’ve totally killed it at the gym for the day while for others, it is just seen as an unnecessary pain they can avoid. No matter which group you belong to, DOMS is definitely not one of the exciting moment of working out. You can be a beginner into the fitness world or you’ve been into it for quite some time and are thinking of starting a new program, either of this can attract DOMS to your muscle group. Most times for DOMS, it takes about 24 hours for any of the pain to surface which means that you’ve gone for some time, feeling fly then all of a sudden, you get the jolt. Up until this moment, there are no conclusive reasons why DOMS occur so let’s not dwell on knowing what causes it. However, there are certain steps that can be taken to relief yourself of this pain if you are going through it right now and if you are not, there are things to do to make sure it stays away from you.

This means that you’ve been working at your goal and now you are beginning to wonder if it is worth all the pain you are feeling right now. You shouldn’t ask that twice! It is definitely worth all the pain!!! But then, why should you have to live with the pain if you can do away with it?
• Fixing some light exercises would go a long way to help. Riding a bike, taking a walk, or working out core-parts of the body would increase blood flow and slowly diminish the soreness you are feeling.
• Throw in some yoga into your routine. Stretching and massage are great options.
• Icing and some pain relief would do fine also.

Why Not Prevent DOMS Then?

Instead of feeling what it feels like to have your past actions catch up with you, you can be the one who gets away with everything.
There are various supplements that can help you avoid knowing what DOMS feels like since muscle growth is dependent on how quickly you can recover from each of your workouts.
• Branched Chain Amino Acids, BCAA
Eating good food also helps with this process as well as healthy hydration for your muscles. http://www.esq2.com/
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