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Judy Gruen’s main occupation is lobbying the federal government to create a Division of Cellulite Studies at the Department of Health and Human Services. In her spare time, she writes award-winning humor books and tries to manage her household, which includes one husband, four kids, one dog, and several appliances that routinely go on strike. Her latest book is The Women’s Daily Irony Supplement.

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Daily Irony Supplement
by Judy Gruen, Humor Columnist

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Too Much Thinking Can Make You Fat!
posted @ 8:55am ET on September 24, 2008 I think, therefore, I'm hungry? I know, that's not how the original philosophy went, but researchers at Universite Laval in Canada have concluded ...
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Carpool Confidential: Driving Miss Daisy Crazy!
posted @ 11:00pm ET on August 26, 2008 Certain critical relationships in life demand intense scrutiny before entering into them. Most people would agree, for example, that marriage ...
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Do We Really Want To Know Calorie Counts?
posted @ 6:00am ET on July 28, 2008 The phrase “Big Mac Attack” now has a double meaning in the Big Apple. A new law is forcing chain restaurants in the Gotham state to confess the ...
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Displaying posts 1-3 of 3 results

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