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In fact, this alleged wonder drug is a complex containing the extract of green coffee beans. These beans differ only in a single point from those you use in the morning for your hot drink. They were grown and harvested the same way, but not roasted afterwards! This is precisely what should be the key to the effects of diet pills. .

Chlorogenic acid makes the difference

We already know that bitter substances in roasted coffee can promote fat burning. However, the effect is so small that you can barely speak of a miracle diet. Green coffee should work differently! Because the beans contain the so-called chlorogenic acid. This should be responsible for the fact that the fat burning in the body is increased, but it is lost in the typical roasting process. Extracted from the raw beans, it finds its way to the shelves in the form of capsules and powders.

Green coffee and its effects are controversial

Americans like the TV doctor Dr. Oz already swear by the great impact green coffee should have on overweight people. Unfortunately, no study so far has been able to clearly confirm that the tablets also fulfill their attributed properties. That\'s why Dr. dr. Oz himself conducted his own study in which 100 of his overweight television viewers took the pills several weeks before each meal.

The result: On average, subjects lost one kilogram in two weeks without changing their eating habits. However, the experts rate the trial with little credibility because they show that the subjects kept a food diary over this period by documenting all meals. Already the writing down of the depressed meals could influence the eating habits. In addition, the long-term effects of the product could not yet be clearly predicted.

Will green coffee live up to the hype?
Due to the lack of sufficient evidence, it is understandable that the capsules continue to be critically eyed. In addition, there are already many knock-off products in circulation, which in some cases contain questionable additives. If you want to try the capsules for yourself, you should buy them locally if possible and pay attention to a sufficient concentration of chlorogenic acid. Finally, doctors emphasize that green coffee does not replace a healthy diet or the necessary exercise for people with severe overweight.

@ 5:47am ET on September 11, 2019
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