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Losing weight isn’t easy, and when you’ve succeeded it can be tempting to take a break. Many people find that after they lose weight, it comes creeping back as their body settles back into old habits. Furthermore, you may find your new, slimmer body has different needs than the old one, or has to develop different habits to be sustainable. From eating to exercise to just appearance, things have changed about your body, and it’s time to think about how to accommodate those changes. Consider the following ways you can keep the weight off that you’ve lost and keep your new body healthy.

Exercise daily

Everyone knows that exercise is excellent for heart health, hormones and weight management. To lose weight, you probably already developed a habit of exercising on a daily basis. Many physicians recommend at least 150 minutes of exercise every single week. It’s important to create healthy habits, and to not only exercise until you hit your desired waistline. To keep off weight, it’s important to develop a regimen of both cardio and strength-training exercises for optimal results. Strength training especially brings benefits only with consistent working out, and many of the desired outcomes will only come when you’re older. It also boosts your metabolism and weight loss, which will help you keep off weight as well as lose it. Another thing that helps is switching up your regimen and exercising different parts of your body. While you may not need to lose as much weight now, it’s vitally important to keep your body used to burning fats as they come, which often requires a slight shift in exercise regimen.

Shift your dietary practices

Fruits and vegetables are essential to a diet that supports weight management, and it’s something you’ve probably taken advantage of to cut the pounds. But don’t stop now that you’ve reached your target. At each meal, make sure there’s a certain amount of raw, fresh vegetables on your plate. To keep off weight, you’ll need to do more than just diet for a short while; you’ll need to completely adjust your eating habits to accommodate your new body. “You are what you eat” isn’t just a pithy statement. To keep the weight off, you have to keep the fatty foods away. You should also consider adopting a method like intermittent fasting. This doesn’t mean that you’re starving yourself. Instead, you eat during certain hours of the day. Then, you give your body a chance to process and digest your food without spiking your blood sugar levels with food. There are different ways to implement intermittent fasting into your regimen. Find a method that works for your lifestyle.

Get professional assistance

There are a variety of professionals who can help you keep off weight, from personal trainers who help you develop a new regimen to doctors who can suggest proper dieting. One issue you may have with weight loss, especially as you age, is that while your fat shrinks, other parts may not. When you lose a lot of weight in a short period of time, it can leave flaps of skin behind that sag. In situations like this, you can get professional body contouring to help your skin match your new size. These procedures shouldn’t be used in lieu of exercise and weight management, but in addition to them to help you maintain your new figure.

Decrease your stress level

When you’re really stressed out, it’s difficult for your body to let go of the weight. This is because your body is trying to protect you from whatever’s stressing you, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to hold onto those fat stores in case you need them for fuel. Find ways to release the stress and let go of negative emotions. Indulge in activities that you enjoy like dancing, painting and traveling. Spend time with people you love. At the end of each day, find ways to unwind and let go of the tension you might have built during the day. Don’t underestimate the power of touch. A great massage or a pedicure can be really therapeutic after a long day. Do your best to avoid emotional eating or drinking. That will counteract all of the efforts you’re putting in to lose the weight.
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