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As we near the end of the year, we're looking back at what readers and visitors were loving on the site in 2013. Here are the most popular on-site resources, according to visits in 2013!

Best of 2013

1. Healthy Recipes
2. Diet Plans
3. Meal Plans
4. Cleveland Clinic 3-Day Diet
5. 3-Day Diet
6. Macronutrients
7. Sacred Heart Diet
8. Fat Flush Diet
9. The Quiz
10. 1200 Calorie Diet Meal Plan Sample
11. Quiz: Which Celebrity Shares Your Body Type?
12. Message Board Post: Need to Drop 40 lbs in 2 Months (<~ that's not a smart/healthy goal, by the way!)
13. 5 Foods to Avoid and 5 Healthier Alternatives
14. Message Board Post: Elliptical vs. Running
15. Videos

Looks like you guys love our Encyclopedia section! These informative articles are jam-packed with facts about all sorts of different diets and answers to your most pressing nutrition questions. Have you browsed our Encyclopedias for the diet/nutrition information that YOU'RE curious about?

And speaking of being curious, we were also curious about what your favorite Expert articles were this year, so here's the top 5:

1. 5 Foods to Avoid and 5 Healthier Alternatives

2. Eating After 6pm: Why It's Bad For You

3. 14 Common Foods To Cut Down Or Cut Out

4. Longer, Leaner Thighs: 5 Best Exercises

5. Get A Sexy Back: 5 Toning Tricks

How about the top 5 most popular healthy recipes from 2013?

1. Gluten Free Chicken Quesadilla

2. Chicken and Broccoli

3. Cowboy Casserole

4. Southern Sweet Potato Pie

5. Caribbean Calabaza and Chayote Ratatouille

Finally, here are the top 5 most popular fitness videos from 2013:

1. No. 1 Fat Burning Exercise

2. 60-Second Fat Loss Interval

3. 4-Year-Old McDonald's Hamburger

4. The World's Fastest Workout Video

5. Quick New Inner Thigh Exercise

Did any of YOUR favorites make these Most Popular lists? Share your favorite recipe, video or article in the comments below!

We hope that you'll continue to make a part of your healthy lifestyle for 2014. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from!

@ 6:29pm ET on November 6, 2014
I saved this article. Thanks.

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