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The Untapped 75%: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know That Can Increase Your Fertility
By Elizabeth Manning from

Creating a family is a heart opening experience that will change your life forever. And for some, getting there is not an easy road nor is it a joyful one. In my 12 years as a mind body spirit fertility coach, I have seen miracles and am here to encourage anyone suffering that unexplained infertility is not permanent.

So if you still aren’t getting pregnant, what does it all mean?
It does not mean you are sentenced to a life with no babies. It does not mean you are broken. It just means that for whatever reason there might be a hidden “kink in your life hose” that, when you know where to look and what to look for, has a great chance of working itself out.

If your body doesn’t feel safe it produces hormones that actually strangles fertility hormones. This is because there is no way in the natural world that a body will lie down and make a baby when it is running from a bear.
And in today’s crazy world, we are running from our proverbial bear about 90% of the time.

Although many progressive doctors see lifestyle choices as playing a part in our health, medical physicians are trained to treat the physical body only.
But what of the rest of our faculties called mind, emotions and soul that are all contained in our body? We may not have control over when our bodies decide to conceive, but we do have an untapped resource of power - 75% pure fertile power - inside us that we do have control over that can help our bodies feel more safe, ripe and ready for babies, and create a little more joy in the process!
Let's consider, there are 4 parts to us that we can all agree on:
body + mind + emotions + soul
The body makes up 25%. The mind, emotions and soul make up the remaining 75%. Feeling safe starts with a perception. It comes with a belief behind it. We can heal this. We can find a higher perspective that supports the body from a more peaceful place within us.

Fight or flight was originally designed for a very physical threat such as running from a bear, but in todays’ world we live in fight or flight about 90% of the time which means our stress hormones are smothering our fertility hormones 90% of the time, too!

Life is smart and wants you to thrive. Stress is not thriving; it is surviving. Mother Nature is not here to punish us. Sometimes it means we are still learning to manage our mindset and nurture our own selves on a much more intentional level than we ever have before now. We might not do it for ourselves but we will do it for our baby.

What if infertility is a higher call from Mother Nature to evolve us? What if loving our life really is the best fertility medicine, and we are smothering it with all our GMO, plastic and WiFi pollution, stress, worry, fear, addiction, apathy, lack of purpose or passion? What if in trying to have a baby with all this junk layered on top of us smothering our life force, mother nature just won't have it?

What goes into the mother goes into the baby. And Mother Nature wants your very best. Life’s sustainability on this planet depends on it.

When intentionally using conscious conception - fertility as a spiritual growth path and intentionally ‘calling in’ your child - lifestyle and behavioral adjustments are made that can potentially make all the difference. No more waiting. Start accessing your untapped 75% instead.

What if it is Life's grand initiation to evolve us?
Heal our baggage. Clean up the planet. Tolerate less, Forgive more. Learn about abundance mindset. Open your heart. Judge less. Discern more. Enjoy your life. Learn self-care. Follow your heart. Ignite your passions again - or maybe for the first time. Take yourself less seriously. Play more. Get in touch with what the soul needs. Live truly. Honestly. Find beauty. Love yourself.

Through this adventure you will have something wonderful to teach your little!Life begets life, but many ...    Continue

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@ 9:40am ET on June 22, 2017
Without proper diet we can't make our self slim smart and active. This is only diet we can stay fit and active even into bad days. Right now i am busy into a case study assignment writing service and will be back here after a week and will check your latest post and ask about the lady above setting into good pose.

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