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Celebrities and Diet

by Sarah Dussault, Celebrities & Weight Loss blogger

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Everyone seems to be interested in what secret tips the celebs use to stay so slim. Is it some top secret only the rich and famous can know? Or are they naturally skinny? They love to brag that they are naturally slim but how many of us actually buy that. There are others that admit they have to work hard to keep their bodies in tip top shape. They fortunately have the money and time to put in to personal trainers and chefs.

The verdict will always be out on the truth of the matter but in the mean time I did get my hands on a book I found in my mother's book case, "The World's Best Kept Diet Secrets," that has some suprising and scary methods used by celebrities. It's no secret that it takes unhealthy measures to produce unhealthy results. Here are some of the most disturbing passages I read and why you shouldn't always beleive what the TV tells you. Not only do these "diet secrets" seem like a miserable way to live life, but some sound like the beginnings of eating disorders. Let me know what you think.

Models drink lots of ICE water. The icy cold temperature requires the body to use over 40 calories just to warm itself to room temperature inorder to absorb the water into the sysytem. This means you are actually using more calories than you are taking in.

Elle Macpherson eats only two meals a day. Each day she choses between lunch or dinner depending on her schedule or mood. She aslo does 500 sit-ups a day.

Salma Hayek stops eating dinner for a few days if she gains a few pounds.

Goldie Hawn occasionally fasts on juice to detoxify and keep her in shape.

Models Cheryl Tiegs and Claudia Schiffer eat light dinners. Teigs uses lunch as her biggest meal so that she has plenty of time throughout the day to burn off those calories. Schiffer eats nothing but fruits before noon and sticks to salad and steamed vegatables for dinner!

I am not condoning any of these "secrets." Another note is that the book was published in 1998. Even though the super skinny trend is just emerging now, the pressure to be thin has existed in Hollywood now for quite some time. It should also be noted that people used in this article may not still follow these methods.

On a more recent and upsetting note, in this weeks magazine "People" reported that one way the Hollywood actress's keep their body stick thin is the cigarette and coffee diet. However, a new trick they are using to keep their appetites down and their energy up, is taking children's ADHD prescrition medicine. This is a giant step towards unhealthy behaviors to the extreme. In 1998 what I thought to be a little crazy is nothing compared to what Hollywood's young starlets are doing to their bodies. What do you think about the newest diet craze and why are we so obsessed with the super slim celebs?

@ 11:38pm ET on October 2, 2006
You go girl! Don't let those secrets fool you. Just because they are in Hollywood, don't mean they should be your role model. They are just great actors! Hum... Why does that actually sound negative calling someone a good actor?? go figure...

@ 5:31am ET on October 17, 2006
I'm 5'6 and 120 poundes. I don't eat everyday and I take lipozene pills to lose that extra weight. I want to be atleast 110 poundes. I don't like the way I look or feel. I use to cut my arms.And do so, many drugs. I have stoped doing that but, I still have the urge to do so. So, to help the pain inside I don't eat untill I can't stand I any more. If only people knew then maybe you'd understand.

@ 1:10pm ET on November 22, 2006
I can't read ABCace's comments without commenting myself I am 5 foot 7 and I have weighed 118 lbs at the time I thought it was great because I could fit anything now I look back on those pictures and can't believe I did that to myself. PLEASE get some professional help you sound young and you are killing yourself PLEASE STOP!!!

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