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What wacky celebrity diet and weight loss tips are in the news this week? Get the dish on the celebrity gossip and diet rumors in these celebrity-inspired diet blogs. Often a guide for what not to do, these celebrity blogs range from useful to absurd! Find out what fad diet or crazy cleanse the celebs are trying, or gain positive motivation from the celebs that are losing weight the right way - through diet and exercise!

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Emma is a freelance writer currently living in Boston, MA. She writes most often on education and business. To see more from Emma, say hi ...

Lady Diet
Lady Diet knows all, tells all each week in the top-rated Diet.com Podcast. She’s so versatile she even writes a ...

Erik Fisher, PhD, aka Dr. E…, is a licensed psychologist and author who has been featured on NBC, CBS, FOX and ...

Chris Lawhorn
Chris Lawhorn is the Resident DJ at Marie Claire magazine.Each month, he reviews 300-400 new singles to find the ...

You might recognize Sarah as Diet.com Video host and producer. She's also a certified personal trainer and healthy ...

Tara Caffelle is a Professional Leadership and Body Image Coach based in Vancouver, BC. She works with individuals and couples to create ...

Recent Expert Blogs
Diet Change to Shake Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
Posted @ 12:44pm ET on November 22, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
It's just after lunch and you're nodding off at your desk again, but you're not alone. Daytime sleepiness is a problem that many people face. Although it's often treated as just part of life, fatigue during the day is anything but normal. What's more, your ...
How to Reduce the Risk of Your Baby Developing Foo
Posted @ 6:16pm ET on November 21, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
Some news reports indicate that children’s food allergies are on the rise. While this may be due to toddlers are being screened more carefully for suspicious symptoms and diagnosed with food sensitivities at an earlier age, this also suggests that parents ...
4 Ways Vegans Can Improve Their Dental Health
Posted @ 3:38pm ET on November 20, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
A proper vegan diet helps to keep the body healthy and strong. Vegans that don’t follow a nutritious diet may find that their teeth aren’t as strong as they need to be. Often, a vegan diet lacks the proper amount of calcium and Vitamin D necessary to ...
Make Your Favorite Foods Fit a Healthy Diet
Posted @ 12:03pm ET on November 19, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
If you’ve been trying to lose weight, then you’ve probably also been avoiding some of your favorite foods. Slimming down can feel like an up-hill battle; the more you sacrifice, the more you want to eat delicious, high-calorie comfort food. While you ...
4 Ways to Motivate Yourself During Your Workout
Posted @ 6:00pm ET on November 15, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
If there’s one place people need motivation to visit, it’s the gym. The idea of sweating for hours among those who are perfectly in shape is enough to intimidate anyone. While it can be tough to gain the motivation to visit the gym, don’t let the ...
4 Foods to Eat to Promote Hair Growth
Posted @ 2:35pm ET on November 7, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
Hair, beautiful hair. If there was one beauty asset both men and women find as the essence of true beauty and superior outward appearance, lovely locks would place as a strong first in the line of natural beauty perks. Lovely locks, regardless of color, ...
How to Care for Your Eyes When Living with Diabete
Posted @ 1:58pm ET on October 31, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
Diabetes can be troublesome, but some people do not understand all the damage it can cause. One thing that is often overlooked is eye care. Diabetic eye diseases such as glaucoma and retinopathy can occur without proper eye care. The ...
How Less Sugar Equals Greater Health
Posted @ 12:34pm ET on October 28, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
Your mother always told you that it’s best to keep your sugar consumption to a minimum. She was correct as well. Excessive sugar intake can lead to all sorts of health problems that you simply do not need or want. If you minimize your sugar ...
When Weight Becomes a Health Issue
Posted @ 4:07pm ET on October 24, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
With approximately two-thirds of U.S. residents either overweight or obese, weight loss has become almost a national priority in terms of health care and wellness. Employers, insurance companies, and health care providers are eager to support weight loss ...
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