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What is a "Blog?"
What can I talk about in my Blog?
How do I post a Blog?
What content is not allowed on Blogs? Blog guidelines
How do I comment on someone's Blog?
Who can comment on my Blog?
How do I delete comments?
How do I delete my Blog entry?

How do I edit a Blog entry?
How are Blogs displayed?
Who can read my Blogs?
How do I find a particular Blogger?
How do I find a particular Blog topic?
How do I report a problem?
How do I edit the category for my Blog?
What is the Most Active Bloggers section?

What is a "Blog?"
A Blog (short for web log or weBlog) is like a virtual diary, where entries are made and displayed for others to read and, if they want, respond to. Content can include text, links to your favorite websites, photos and images, audio clips and even video. On, we want you to have fun and feel free to discuss virtually anything from diet tips and exercise routines, to struggles, successes, or even your most personal thoughts and feelings. Blogs are an interactive way for you to express yourself, make a record of your progress, and keep in touch with others.

What can I talk about on my Blog?
Think of your Blog as an online journal. You can discuss almost anything. Here are some ideas to get you started; you can Blog about:

  • Your emotions, moods, and feelings;
  • Your current weight-loss journey
  • Your goals and mini-goals;
  • Your exercise routines;
  • Your meal and snack ideas;
  • Recipes and products you've tried;
  • Recent news and current events;
  • Your family and friends; and/or
  • Whatever is on YOUR mind!

How do I post a Blog?
To post your own Blog, you must first login to Click on My Blogs. Give your entry a:

  •   Title - a brief line that summarizes your main message.
  •   Category - how your particular post would be classified.
  •   Summary (optional, 250 character limit) - brief overview of your post.
  •   Message body - the main message.

After filling in those fields, click the grey tab titled "Preview" to see what your entry will look like. If you're satisfied with your post preview, go ahead and click "Submit". Your updated Blog will appear on "My Blog" page.

What content is not allowed on Blogs?
The Blogs are here to create a welcoming, fun and supportive environment for our members. We encourage users to be understanding, patient, friendly and supportive to other members. Blog Guidelines


The Blogs are not created as a forum for psychological help, medical diagnosis or crisis intervention. is a personality-based weight management website dedicated to helping people lose weight through consumer information and education. If you have any medical conditions we ask that you speak directly to your doctor and do not follow the medical or nutritional advice from any member of your online support group.


Do not diagnose or offer nutritional counseling to other support group members.


A Blog may be started by free or Premium Members of

4. Blogs are not to be used for explicit or adult-content conversations. Blog titles, names, summaries, content, or comments may not be vulgar, obscene, derogatory, discriminatory, and/or offensive. reserves the right to terminate any Blog or member at anytime without notice.


Only members over the age of 18 may participate in Blogs.


The Blogs are here for members to have fun and discuss their weight loss journey in a helpful and nurturing environment. Anyone causing a disturbance by flaming, harassing, or causing otherwise disruptive behavior may be removed from the group and their membership terminated without refund.

7. Blogs are here to help members and to encourage them in their weight loss using the Personality Type Diet, we discourage the promotion any outside weight loss plans websites.

8. Blogs are not to be created as a way to promote any individual business, weight loss program or products

How do I comment on someone's Blog?
To comment on another member's Blog entry, click on the title of a particular Blog. If only the summaries display, click on "Read the entire Blog" so that you are viewing the full entry. On the bottom, there is an entry box title, "Post a Comment". Type your comment in the box and when you're finished, click "Post". Be sure to read over your comment before you submit it because you won't have a chance to preview your comment.

Who can comment on my Blog?
Any member may comment on a Blog.

How do I delete comments?
Currently, comments cannot be deleted. Be sure to proof-read them before clicking "Post"!

How do I delete a Blog entry?
Currently, you cannot delete an entry once it's submitted, so make sure you use the "Preview" option before you post an entry!

How do I edit a Blog entry?
At the moment, entries cannot be edited once they're submitted, so be sure to preview them first!

How are Blogs displayed?
Blogs are display in reverse, chronological order (with the most recent entries at the top). Blogs are displayed with the title of the particular entry in large, orange font, followed by its summary. The main Blog entry is the text below the orange, dotted line. The date of that Blog entry is last.

If there are comments on your Blog, they will appear in an area under the orange double line called, "Comments". You can view the comment, the date it was posted, who made the comment, and a link to read the rest of their comments.

Who can read my Blogs?
Anyone on can read your Blog. Blogs are great way to network, meet new friends, and keep in touch with your current buddies; however, if you don't want people knowing certain information about yourself, play it safe, and simply do not disclose it.

How do I find a particular Blogger?
You can search for a Blog author by username. Go here and the search box is on the bottom-left of the screen.

How do I find a particular Blog topic?
You can search Blogs by specifying a keyword. Go here and the fill in the search box on the bottom-left of the screen.

How do I report a problem?
Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns, send an email using our contact form.

How do I edit the category for my Blog?
Currently, you cannot edit the category for your Blog. "My Journey" is the only category at the moment.

What is the Most Active Bloggers section?
This section lists the top 20 Blogs with the highest number of postings. In addition, this section shows the total number of comments and views for each Blog. To become one of's Most Active Bloggers, keep posting frequently!

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