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Your WLC Guide

What is a Diet.com Weight Loss Challenge?
  • A forum to increase your motivation for weight loss
  • A friendly competition among site members
  • Use community support and PRIZES to encourage and maximze weight loss during the Challenge
How do I begin?
  • Join the Challenge by clicking on "Join Now"
  • Enter your zip code to appear on the Challenge Map
  • Fill in your weekly Milestones (mini-goals that you’d like to reach during the Challenge)
  • Fill in your Milestone Rewards (how you plan on rewarding yourself for your completed Milestones)
How can I participate throughout the Challenge?
  • Come back each Monday to join in our weekly Weigh-In
  • Check out the weekly teaching point
  • Check off those Milestones that you complete
  • Chat with fellow Challengers in our Challenge Message Board and Chatroom
  • Most importantly – share your progress and tips with your fellow Challengers!
What are the most important features of this Challenge?
  • Weekly teaching point
  • Weekly weigh-in widget
  • Milestones/Milestone Rewards
  • Daily fitness videos from our Diet.com database of workouts.
  • Challenger Map: view a global map of all of your fellow Challengers. Click on each Challenger Marker to view a member’s profile. Invite “green” Challengers (those who are currently logged onto Diet.com) to chat with you in live time in our Challenge Chatroom
  • Challenge Message Board and Chatroom
  • Daily recipes
  • Fun daily polls
What prizes can I win?
  • Stay tuned to find out what prizes are up for grabs for the New Year's Weight Loss Challenge!

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