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Title page
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...page Title page The Gale Encyclopedi
Frozen-Food Diet
(23% Match)

...half cup of Post 100% Bran or Kellogg’s
Mayo Clinic Diet (Fad Diet)
(11% Match)

...half of a grapefruit and black coffee. A lunch ...page=1> (February 20007). Liz Swa
Mayo Clinic Plan (Endorsed by Clinic)
(9% Match)

...half-grapefruit at each meal. Breakfast sometim...titled ‘‘Mayo Clinic Diet: A weigh
Anne Collins weight loss program
(7% Match)

...half cup berries. Alternate menu: 1 cup fat-fre...pages require a $19.97 US annual subscription.
Dash Diet
(7% Match)

...half the participants were women and 60% were A
Fat Smash Diet
(6% Match)

...half hours before bedtime establishing a regula...pages The extreme fat smash diet consists of t
(6% Match)

...half a roast beef sandwich; cottage cheese plus...page booklet that can be downloaded from the Sl
Csiro Total Wellbeing Diet
(6% Match)

...half cup vegetables, four one-half-cup s
Weight Loss 4 Idiots
(4% Match)

...half hours apart. The diet begins with a questi

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Half Title Page

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