Surrender To The Night Munchies

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June 27, 2008
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Donít eat anything past 9 p.m. or else you will bloat and hold onto all those calories while you sleepÖ

Yeah, yeah Iíve heard that Dieting ďFactĒ before, too. But today I decided Iíd had enough with this ďdonít eat at nightĒ rubbish. Today I decided that if itís a snack I want at midnight, then itís a snack I shall have!

Join me in the fight against the fight against midnight snacking, and check out some of these completely acceptable midnight munchie options.

1. Precious protein. A bit of protein late at night will satiate your hunger without weighing down your mattress. Try some slices of lean turkey Ė rolled up with a splash of mustard or layered atop a whole wheat English muffin. A nibble of protein and a mouthful of fiber will quickly lay to rest your late-night hunger.

2. Satiating sweets. If itís sweets that you crave at night, grab a gobble of natural sweetness, a snack also known as dried fruit. Or just opt for one or two pieces of dark chocolate. Kiss off the Hershey kisses. A couple squares of Cacao Reserve by Hershey are rich in antioxidants! Yeah, thatís right. You CAN have some chocolate in the middle of the night. So take that, MOM!

3. Pop in some popcorn. Popcorn is a good snack no matter what the time of day or night, but itís definitely a fun snack to munch on late night. Make sure your popped corn of choice is lightly buttered and lightly oiled, and you wonít even end up with any grease on your sheets!

4. Unsweetened applesauce. Many applesauces are high in sugar, but unsweetened applesauce is our pick for a tasty fiber boost. Add a dash of cinnamon to your small bowl of sauce for a splendid nocturnal nibble.

5. A dry handful. Eating something heavy or with a lot of dairy or salt isnít going to help you sleep OR help you to feel good in the morning. Sometimes you just need a handful of something dry, light and filling to satiate you till sunup. Try a handful of nuts or almonds, or a cup of dry Raisin Bran.

Sip On This: The hunger you feel might just be dehydration. Try draining your hunger by downing a glass or two of water before you head for the fridge or pantry. Eating a balanced diet throughout the day will also dramatically cut back on the nighttime munchies youíre feeling.

But if youíre still trying to perfect the healthy lifestyle and you get a pang of hunger late at night, donít deprive yourself. Just reach for one of these healthy options to help see you through till breakfast.

Sweet dreams!

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Stay cool, stay fit and stay focused with this is Lady Diet signing off!

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