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Challenge yourself with new cardio!
(April 20, 2007)
All about the benefits of the four main cardio machines you see in gyms today: the treadmill, the elliptical, the stationary bike, and the stair climber!
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Have fun at the gym...really!
(April 11, 2007)
Five ways to remotivate and have fun at the gym!
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Slim Down with Fresh Salads!
(April 04, 2007)
Tips on how to build a healthy and delicious salad!
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Five Foods The Whole Family Will Enjoy
(March 28, 2007)
Five great tasting, healthy foods the whole family can enjoy while you start the Spring Ahead! Weight Loss Challenge!
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Gain fun, lose pounds with offbeat outdoor sports!
(March 21, 2007)
Four unusual sports to get your heart pumping outdoors!
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Look Your Best with Breakfast!
(March 14, 2007)
Why breakfast can actually help you lose weight plus five easy breakfast ideas
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Dodge the Fast Food Fix
(March 07, 2007)
How to avoid four typical junk food scenarios you may find yourself in and eat healthy instead!
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Staying Fit on Vacation!
(February 28, 2007)
Four tips to exercising and eating right while still having fun with friends on vacation!
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Look Good with These Foods!
(February 22, 2007)
Foods that will have you looking and feeling great for any occasion!
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Nutrition Myths Revealed!
(February 12, 2007)
5 Nutrition Myths and the truth behind them!
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