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Hail To The Presidential Diets
(February 15, 2008)
U.S. presidents need to stay fit enough to run a country. You need to stay fit enough to live the life you want so elect to keep your diet on track with the Top 5 Presidential Diets that got their start at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
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Foods Served Extra Hot
(February 08, 2008)
February 14th should be a day of love – loving your body, loving your health, or loving your loved one! And what better way to honor this day of love and lust than by laying down the Top 5 Aphrodisiac foods that will stimulate your Valentines Day!
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The 5 Deadly Diet Sins
(February 01, 2008)
It is tempting to believe that just because you care about being healthy that the diet choices you are making are the right ones. But our 5 Deadly Diets Sins can creep up on you and bedevil your best efforts.
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Top 5 Ways To Enjoy Fast Food
(January 25, 2008)
Sometimes we are faced with a tough decision: eat fast food or eat nothing at all! And since does not promote fasting or skipping meals, we will dish out our healthiest five ways to eat better on the run.
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Dieting for TV Lovers
(January 18, 2008)
Whether you are hooked on playoff football or cannot tear yourself away from that Real World finale, it can be tempting to plop down in front of your TV and put your diet and fitness on hold. Follow these tips to make the most of your tube time.
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Simple Success This Winter
(January 11, 2008)
If you feel like doing nothing this winter, fret not because these tips show you how easy it can be to find success with your diet this winter.
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Don't Let Winter Get You Down
(January 04, 2008)
Cold weather brings more than snow – it brings a whole slew of health ailments that need to be avoided. Listen to this podcast for 5 winter health tips to keep your routine from icing over this season!
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Will Your New Years Resolution Make A Lasting Impression?
(December 28, 2007)
The New Year is practically here, and you have already made your list of resolutions. But how will you stick to those resolutions? Listen to this podcast for 5 easy steps to staying on track and you will be proudly displaying the new you all year long!
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Avoid Dropping the New Years Ball on Your Diet
(December 22, 2007)
Thinking about putting your diet on pause till the New Year? Listen to this podcast for five simple tips to keep your diet on track right through midnight while still having fun!
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4 Holiday Travel Fitness Tips
(December 13, 2007)
Find it difficult to stay on track during Holiday Travel? Here are four tips to improvising a workout wherever you are!
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