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Refugee Nutrition Information System
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...nutrition includes the study of nutrients and other
National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)
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Men's Nutritional Issues
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Nutrition Programs in the Community
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...nutrition or food services, to prevent or reduce dep...education, and referrals to other agencies. Pregnant
Nutritional Assessment
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Infant Nutrition
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Men's Nutrition
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...nutritional epidemiology supports the role of diet a
Senior Nutrition
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...nutrition addresses the special dietary requirements...education, counseling, fitness programs, or recreati
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...nutrition. Many nutritionists have a master&#...education in nutrition science may be called nutriti

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Nutrition Education

Nutrition education is a critical component of most major health promotion and disease prevention programs. Research indicates that behavioral change is directly related to the amount of nutrition education received. Nutrition Education involves the communication of nutrition-related information that will equip individuals, families, and communities to make healthful food choices. The media remain the primary source of nutrition information in the United States. Thus, nutrition education also focuses on discriminating between credible and noncredible sources of nutrition information. Nutrition messages and programs must be culturally relevant and specific to the target group. Registered dietitians are the professionals who are specifically trained to deliver information on food and nutrition.

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