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Tracey's Journey Blog

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Small bump in the road
posted @ 8:19am ET on September 3, 2016 Last night we lost power in our neighborhood. So my family ended up have to go out to dinner. I was really trying to avoid this for the first week. I ...
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Day 2 with this reboot
posted @ 12:07pm ET on September 2, 2016 Day one went well. Had a few cravings but waited them out. Met my goal of 64oz of water, no soda, no eating out and no sweets. Today I am going to ...
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Gone and back
posted @ 3:17pm ET on September 1, 2016 It's been several months since I posted. I have had many changes in my life the biggest my daughter going away to college. With her new adventure and ...
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Easter week was bad
posted @ 8:27am ET on March 28, 2016 this weekend and yesterday's big meals and candy led to 4 lb weight gain this week. I am doing the cabbage soup diet this week and trying to lose ...
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posted @ 9:39am ET on March 21, 2016 Weekends are hard when you're traveling. This was not a weekend of logging or watching calories. But here we are on Monday, lunch packed, meals ...
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posted @ 9:43am ET on March 16, 2016 One would think going to Mexico in a month would be very motivating to lose weight. I find lately I am tired and unmotivated. I want to look better ...
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Displaying posts 1-6 of 333 results

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