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Brittany's Weight Loss Journey

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Look At Me Now!!!!
posted @ 11:48pm ET on April 10, 2013 I still have a long way but I'm starting to see a nice shape coming!!!
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No Negative Thoughts, No Excuses!!!
posted @ 10:59pm ET on April 9, 2013 I'm just so excited about this information, I just have to share!!!!!!!!!!!!******* STOP!!! We all have done it or are doing it. Stop being so ...
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Sharing some news
posted @ 9:50pm ET on April 9, 2013 Have you thought about the fat in your body or how it looks?? Today in my nutrition class I learned a lot. I'm so interested in this class, I have ...
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Great news!!!
posted @ 5:54pm ET on April 2, 2013 I decided to go to my Doctor to talk about my weight. This entire time we've had a weight loss program on base. I was shocked to hear this. I showed ...
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posted @ 8:04pm ET on March 25, 2013 Yep I dropped 3 pounds, I sure did and I'm loving it!!! All hard work and healthy eating, it is paying off I must say!! I'm very proud this week.
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I feel good!!!
posted @ 4:05pm ET on March 21, 2013 I am really doing good this week. I have counted every calorie, journalized anything I put in my mouth, and I'm back in the gym working hard like I ...
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Displaying posts 1-6 of 36 results

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