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Never,never, never give up!

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getting past discouragement
posted @ 4:14pm ET on March 3, 2013 OK- so I was out of action for a few days due to a virus. Now, I returned to exercise today and found it surprisingly easy. My weight however remains ...
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5 more minutes!
posted @ 8:54pm ET on February 22, 2013 Almost had myself talked out of exercise today. We have a nice snow surrounding us and when I got home from work it felt great to cozy up under a ...
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Weaseling out
posted @ 10:10pm ET on February 19, 2013 I kept my promise to myself and did NOT weasel out of exercising this evening. I sure was tempted, but I didn't let myself even think about any other ...
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I will do it, just not right now
posted @ 8:30am ET on February 19, 2013 Set my alarm clock early to exercise before work, but woke up feeling sluggish. So after berating myself for a while for not going this morning, I ...
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still good
posted @ 12:05am ET on February 15, 2013 Well, I wasn't able to fit in exercise with work today and yesterday, but I made healthy food choices and passed on all of the Valentine goodies in ...
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5 more minutes!
posted @ 10:53pm ET on February 12, 2013 I am returning to exercise after a serious horseback riding injury this past Oct. I just now got released from the Dr. to start very minimal ...
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Displaying posts 1-6 of 8 results

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