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So, here I am, after being away for a long while..
A lot has changed since the last time I wrote: I quit my job, moved back to my home city, moved back with my parents, broke up with my boyfriend, ran a 10K race and... well... reconnected with lots of friends. All has been positive, if you can see it that way when you are 31 years old and have no boyfriend or job. But it HAS been positive. I am happier, I think, and I have stayed stable at 111 - 112 lbs, which is good for me :)
However lately I have started to do a lot of binging, and I've been feeling anxious since I've started to look for a job, which doesn't help my weight and.. in a way I want to get back to work on my weight loss. I don't have much to go. I would love to be 108 - 107 lbs and, being catholic I though lent could be a great way to start.
I have a bit of a chocolate/sugar addiction and I thought I would start from there. Trying to reduce the amout of chocolate and desserts I eat because of lent my help me to actually do it.
I don't know...
Oh.. I also decided to become a vegetarian since the begining of 2013... I do eat fish, but no red meat or chicken, and it has been ok so far.
This text is all over the place.. but anyway.. it's just a way to sort of say I'm back.. and I want to get back to work on my weight loss now that I'm starting to settle down from all the changes.
I think, the deal for me is to try to eat healthier food, even if it means eating a bit more to avoid being hungry.. better eat an extra carrot that 2 chocolate bars right?? so.. there's no true plan, just the chocolate and dessert for now and well logging in more often to let you all know how I'm doing.
Hope you are all well today.

@ 10:45am ET on February 14, 2013
Wow, lots of changes!! I think tackling your chocolate/desserts "addiction" is a great place to start! You'll find that eating a greater amount of foods that are healthy will be much better for you - and your goals - than eating less of foods that aren't healthy for you. This is about "nutrient density" - if you're familiar with the idea! If not, you can read about it here:

@ 6:53pm ET on February 14, 2013
Thank you Bailey. I think you're right altough it is sometimes hard... sweets are soo nice ;)

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