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Never,never, never give up!

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I am down two pounds today AND and resisted the urge to lay around and instead went and worked out. I feel really good about my choices today and am starting to see external results as well as feeling better inside. Going to keep on track!

@ 8:33am ET on February 11, 2013 That can be hard to do. Way to go.
@ 4:56pm ET on February 11, 2013 Oh I'm so happy for you :)!!! Doesn't it just feels so good when you work hard and it pays off? Keep up the amazing work, we're all so proud of you :):):):)
@ 5:15pm ET on February 11, 2013 Great job!! :)
@ 4:25am ET on February 12, 2013 Yay keep it up!
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