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The Final 10!

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So, I'm back on course!

First thing i've done is start drinking a heck of a lot of water and caffeine-free tea.I've got my whole family into this. Start the day with detox tea (lemon) then have lots of green teas with different natural flavours (mango is awesome) plus a Pukka Cleanse (liquorice, fennel, etc) and peppermint after each meal. I feel really good and full of energy!

Similarly I'm also doing Jillian Michael's de-bloating thing. Also, really really good! Incase you want to try:

60 ounces water
Dandelion root teabag
1 tablespoon pure cranberry
3 tablespoons lemon juice

It's supposed to reduce any water weight you're holding onto, you do it for 7 days and could lose up to 5 pounds. I definitely feel trimmer and less bloated, but I'm not weighing in until next week anyway, just to give myself some more time to see results.

I'm also back to doing weights, and did a huge amount of walking the last week (it's great when you go visit new places and walking doesn't feel like exercise!)

So hopefully this week will be better!

@ 9:45am ET on February 14, 2013 Curious to see how this goes for you! Great job on the exercise!
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