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Meghan Tiernan (MS, RD, LDN) is a registered dietitian with a passion for helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle. She strives to help others learn the most nutritious way to eat, in order to achieve good health. Meghan enjoys cooking and running and believes that with just some basic knowledge, you can gain the confidence in yourself to know that you can eat well.

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Dietitian Consult
by Meghan Tiernan, MS, RD, LDN

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When you think of the Super Bowl what comes to mind? For me it's friends, commercials, unhealthy foods and beer. While the first two don't contain any calories, the latter two can pack quite the caloric punch.
super bowl snacks
The key to not completely derailing your diet is the same as with any holiday or event: think your drink, don't skip meals leading up to the event, try and get some exercise earlier in the day, and be thoughtful in your food choices when snacking.

One of the things I always recommend is offering to bring a dish or two to the party so you know there's at least a few options that will be healthier. Here are a few ideas for lower calorie, healthier versions of your typical Super Bowl feast.

Boneless Buffalo Wings
- A healthy alternative to this would be to make grilled or baked chicken tenders. You can do this with or without breadcrumbs. Either way, marinade chicken tenderloins in buffalo sauce, skewer then, then bake or grill them until they're cooked through. Add celery sticks and low fat blue cheese or ranch dressing to dip and you've got a much healthier buffalo chicken dish.

Any kind of dip
- There are a gazillion different kinds of dip out there: taco dip, buffalo dip, pizza dip... the list goes on and on. Here are a few basic tips to make whatever your famous dip is a bit healthier:
  • Start with the base. You can sub out the regular cream cheese or sour cream for their fat free counterparts in these dishes and no one will know the difference. The texture is the same, and there's usually so many flavors going ...    Continue

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  • @ 8:50pm ET on January 28, 2013 This is just what I need :) thanks
    @ 5:46pm ET on January 30, 2013 I found a yummy chili cheese dip with the fat free cream cheese I am trying this sunday.
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