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Last summer, I mentioned my 15 year old daughter and I swimming across our cottage lake. Just her and I - side by side - swimming for 1 solid hour. Early last month, I mentioned my daughter joining a swimming class and learning more than just swimming. She wanted to learn different swim styles, learn CPR and get her pre-life guard certification as well. A triple win goal. Yesterday, after class, her swimming instructor pulled my wife to the side and explained that our physically small size daughter will most likely pass at end of March. At the beginning, my daughter could swim fast but with only one standard style. Recently, she's "finally" learning the many different swim strokes and getting faster and faster with each as well. And, her physical strength is now getting strong enough to lift an unconscious human body vertically out of the pool. As you can tell, I'm so proud of my daughter. Not because of her current weight (or less body weight). Body weight doesn't matter in my family. It's because she's learning new swimming skills and best of all, learned skill that some day "could save a life".

For those of you who want to learn a new physical skill, get their body into better inner fitness and more importantly, learn a life saving skill, do "sign up" for some pre-life guard certification classes as well. Who knows, the outcome of these classes (or even simple water aerobics) could result in our weight loss (if that's most critical to you) as well.

Hope this helps others...

@ 8:30pm ET on February 11, 2013
Now that's quite an achievement. I always thought schools should teach the students how to swim, it should be mandatory. I was looking into swimming at the local hotel pool, they want $15 a day, a little bit too much right now.

@ 8:37pm ET on February 11, 2013
Yes. Swimming lessons is expensive. Even in my remote regon woods. My wife must drive our daughter 1 hour into class and 1 hour back home. Total end/end time is almost 6 full hours. Pre-life guard certification is expensive. But, it can also land her a future job. For example, a fully certified lifeguard - during weekend and summer months. Thus, our "training investment" is also a future money maker (assume she does the distance) as well.

@ 1:09pm ET on February 12, 2013
I hope that your daughter is able to read this someday Spike. It would probably mean a lot to her to know how proud her father is :)

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