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Never,never, never give up!

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Well, here I am almost 60 years old and recovering from a major horseback riding accident. I've gained 40 pounds during the time I've been laid up. My doctor just let me start exercising- very minimally and I'm still in Physical Therapy. I am having trouble being patient- have been exercising almost daily, watching what I eat very carefully, getting enough sleep. Six days in and I haven't lost a pound. I am still determined and feel better just from the little bit of exercise I have been able to do. I can feel my muscles working, even if only a little bit. Anyone else out there that has gone through similar situation?

@ 10:01pm ET on February 9, 2013 .

I haven't gone through bad injury recovery myself but my special kid has. If wondering, he had 11" Spinal fusion down his upper back. For recovery, his specialized doctor recommended swimming. Slow and steady - like starting with drifting in near zero gravity water, to lifting up using the wheel chair ramp rails to many other "slow motion" tasks. He started slow (like you) and being 4 years later, he's now into full pool length swimming, diving / jumping into the deep end, swimming deep under water and he loves the hot tub. Amazing how far he's come in such little time. All because of his 3 hour swimming sessions every weekend (for the last 4 years).

Note: Depending upon your body's unique injury, do ask your doctor to recommend exercises that will both help and hurt your body. A specific exercise to help one person might do negative harm to a different person (who has a different injury).

BTW: I love your title of "Never,never, never give up!". Love your attitude!!!

Hope this helps...
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