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My Journey

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This past week wasn't really a good week apparently. I'm now back up in the 160s. No bueno!

Also, I'm not feeling well again. The crud is going around again at both of my works and I think it's creeping up on me again. I actually laid out of work tonight at the call center because I felt so sick. I tried to get a nice walk in on the treadmill earlier today, but after about 10 minutes I actually started feeling a lil weak and light headed. So I stopped, drank some water and got back in bed. It's not a fainting situation thing like I've mentioned having before... but more of a "I just feel like crud" sort of situation. Hopefully I will feel better for work tomorrow.

Hopefully my final challenge weigh in next week will be better. Who knows. But I may lay down again after I check a few more things online. I'm still feeling a lil blah.

Later days.

@ 9:22pm ET on February 11, 2013 .

Hope you feel better soon....
@ 10:49am ET on February 12, 2013 I hope you feel better quickly! Putting extra focus on your diet is a great idea on days you can't bring yourself to exercise!
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