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Fall down 7 times get up 8.

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Good News, I am down 3 lbs, at 169. Biking, obstacle course, eating well.

Bad News, One of our little kittens got out "Charlotte" a week ago. We searched for her and yesterday we talked with a neighbor who said she saw a bobcat with a little black and white kitty in its mouth :( We are all sad about losing her especially my son.

We are surrounded by woods and have to be extra careful that our other kitten stays in.

Thank you for listening.

@ 8:53pm ET on February 11, 2013 Sorry to read about your lost kitten and the hungry wild bobcat in your woods. So sorry.... Congrats on your weight loss...
@ 10:33pm ET on February 11, 2013 Oh no, I'm so sorry about that. I hope your poor son feels better soon.
I'm sooo proud to see that you lost 3 pounds!!! That's amazing, keep up the good work :)!!'
@ 4:26am ET on February 12, 2013 Aw sorry to hear about kitty. Congrats on your good work though.
@ 8:26am ET on February 12, 2013 Thank you. I seem to lose the weight gradually, 1 lb a week. If I did this until the end of the year that would be 40 lbs!
@ 11:08am ET on February 12, 2013 I'm sorry to hear about Charlotte! I've lost a small dog to coyotes before and it's heartbreaking :(

However, I am really excited for your weight loss! You should be so proud :)
@ 6:11pm ET on February 28, 2013 Hey Myrna - just wanted to say hi and say I hope you're doing well!
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