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What's your goal / what drives you?

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For those of you who are into a balance of strength building and cardio increase building exercises, I found a simple chart to "check" one's BPMs range when cardio building. Good tool when using a TreadMill (with BPM monitor handles) or Statonary peddle bike (with mini-BPM monitor on the arm).

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re: http://www.ifafitness.com/book/hr-rate.gif

When cardio build exercising, remember to check BPMs - to ensure the body isn't being under worked or being over worked. For me, I keep the body within 160-170 BPMs (which is good 80%-90% range for my older age body).

Hope this helps others...

@ 11:03am ET on February 14, 2013 Thanks Spike!
@ 6:10pm ET on February 28, 2013 Heya Spike! Just wanted to say hi! Hope you're well :) It's almost Spring - time for spring cleaning around the home? I know you're always getting into home projects! :)
@ 1:10pm ET on July 9, 2013 Hey Spike - just wanted to drop you a line and let you know we miss you!! Would love to hear an update :)
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