Mzneicy 17 day diet journey

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I want this to work for me, so I have to make this change work for me by doing things that require me to take control over what had control of me, my habitually bad eating. I desire to be healthy, I'm tired of the doctors saying you're too overweight, if you don't lose weight you will develop diabetes, have a heart attack or stroke. Since my blood pressure is always unstable, even with take the pills. I have to make a lifestyle change in order that I can prevent all the bad things from occuring due from unhealthy eating.

I believe I'm very motivated. I realize if you put your mind to anything and believe you can do it, then it becomes possible.
I loved too many of the wrong foods, chips, soda was my main love of my life, strawberry at that, I would drink cup after cup after cup, not thinking what all that sugar is doing to my body. Another one was candy not choclate, but sours, suckers, jolly joe type candy. I always have to have something in my mouth at all times. Any kind of snack worked.

I do admit this day is less intense because of the conditioning of my mind. I made it up, I'm going to acheive my health goal this year by my birthday. I will lose 50 pounds. I believe it and will acheive it.

I don't like Green Tea, but I've been drinking it hot, right now it's 9:46am I'm so hungry I had to eat something I decided to eat a can of Tuna (in water) I'm headed to get my green Tea, since each meal you should drink it in order to burn the fat.

I drunk 6-8 ounce of Lemon hot water this morning it seem to give a little energy after, makes me sweat. I will attempt to update this blog often, sharing my feelings and thoughts throughtout the hour, day, weeks, months of this journey.

Thank you for reading and taking this journey with me

HeChoseNee aka Neicy

@ 1:05pm ET on February 12, 2013
Good luck with your journey, remember it is a long road to a healthy lifestyle change. This journey is a marathon and not a sprint. It may be difficult but you have many friends here to support you.

@ 11:21am ET on February 13, 2013
Hi Neicy, I'm just wondering what diet are you on? I do believe anything is possible but you must be willing to push yourself even when you don't want to. It's so easy to get motivated but the hardest part is keeping that motivation. I always have had that problem, then I started telling myself that I'm tired of being this way at such a young age so I'm still a work in progress, but so far I've been handling myself well. You have to keep going and never stop. If you have a bad day, don't beat yourself up over it because that will only drop your motivation and then you'll end up having another bad day or a bad week...

But that's what this site is good for, so keep your head up we'll be here cheering for you!!!

@ 9:49am ET on February 14, 2013
It's really great that you want to improve your health! I urge you to check out all of the diet, nutrition and fitness resources here on!

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