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Stephen Cabral, CPT/CSCS is the author of Fatlossity as well as founder and director of FitLife by StephenCabral.com. The Diet.com video contributor has been an active member of the fitness and personal training community for over 10 years. His passion has led him all over the country in pursuit of continuing to further his education, certifications, and health & fitness philosophies.

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Fit Life with Stephen Cabral
by Stephen Cabral, Fitness Professional

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I've written a little on this important study in the past, but I think it's important for you to know the full details and what you can do about it...

According to the American Diabetes Association and the University of Missouri Columbia, sitting down for extended periods of time actually SHUTS OFF your fat burning enzymes.

sitting makes you fatThat means that if you sit behind the wheel of your car or at a desk for the majority of the day you could easily be slowing down your metabolism without even knowing it.

Obviously a day or two of prolonged sitting isn't going to make a monumental difference, but like anything, the accumulated effects will certainly take their toll. Plus, if the whole weight gain part of it wasn't bad enough, the study hints at the potential for lowering good cholesterol (HDL), and therefore, altering your bad to good cholesterol ratio (possibly leading to heart disease).

To me this research just makes sense...

When you think about it, nature has created a protective mechanism in most creatures to slow their metabolism during times of famine, hibernation, or to coincide with the seasons. So why should we as humans be any different from a physiological stand point?

I speculate that when we sit, nature has correlated that act with the trigger of conserving energy, and as a result our metabolism slows in order to decrease caloric burn and preserve body fat for survival.

Basically, what that means is that the less active we are the more our bodies are programmed to burn less body fat as fuel.

It's not exactly good news, but at least we now know one of the reasons for what slows down your metabolism...

Of course, you may not be able to change your job or your line of work, but there are steps ...    Continue

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