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Terri Orbuch is a psychologist, Oakland University professor, and research professor at The University of Michigan, Institute for Social Research. She is also the host of The Love Doctor radio program on VoiceAmerica. Her Love Doctor Relationship Segments are aired weekly on Fox TV-Detroit.

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The Love Doctor
by Dr. Terri Orbuch, The Love Doctor

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Valentine's Day gives us permission to celebrate love and affection. It's a perfect day to have fun, rekindle passion, be playful, explore a new relationship, or just appreciate the important people in our lives.

healthy valentine's dayBut it can sometimes be stressful trying to figure out what to do on Valentine's Day. Here are a few Love Doctor Do's and Don'ts to spice up your Valentine's Day.

First Date

• Don't go to a scary movie or ride a roller coaster. Activities that produce fear or excitement stimulate sexual arousal -- and you may find yourself getting intimate too fast! Take it slow and steady and don't push things ahead merely because it is Valentine's Day.

• Do find an activity that involves talking. Plan an activity where you can actually ask some questions and get to know your date. Don't talk about yourself to excess. Remember that this is a give and take. Strolling through a museum or eating at a secluded quiet restaurant sends a healthy, positive subliminal message.

Blossoming Love

• Don't talk about the future, kids, and marriage. Instead, drink in the excitement and happiness you feel with your new love, and share those feelings with him/her. Give a card or poem where you write something in your own words.

• Do take a strenuous hike, work out together, or go dancing. Exercise produces pleasure chemicals that will make both of you feel amorous. Plan a romantic ...    Continue

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