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Brittany's Weight Loss Journey

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So today I only lost .4 pounds, I guess I'm glad I lost something so I shouldn't complain. Last week, I didn't workout for 3 days, I feel like I really only worked out once. I wasn't pushing myself as hard as I was before. Also we have a new Zumba instructor and she is so advanced. I haven't been able to get a good workout with this instructor, because the moves are just too fast and complicated. I am starting out with some example meals from the diet.com site and some exercise plans as well, so I can change up my routine and keep it interesting. So I look forward to this week.

@ 11:53am ET on March 11, 2013 keep up the great work, you seem to have a good handle on what you need to do to be successful.
@ 3:18pm ET on March 11, 2013 4 pounds sound great to me! :) And please, don't go too hard on yourself. We all have bad and good days. You haven't managed to work out though you've followed your diet plan. Be happy, because you're progressing! :)
@ 3:55pm ET on March 11, 2013 Thanks Tracey and UnaAnu I on
Y lost point 4 pounds not a whole 4 pounds I wish lol
@ 12:38pm ET on March 12, 2013 A .4 lb loss isn't standing still! :) Focus on the positives!!
@ 11:54am ET on March 13, 2013 When I was taking spin classes there were 3 different instructors and I would go on the days with the instructor I liked best. Looking back if I had one of the other two instructors on my FIRST day I wouldn't have gone back at all. Are you willing to talk with the zumba instructor? Tell her, ask her if she could slow down, you want to get the most out of the workout.
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