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Rely on Solicitors to Create Lasting Powers of Attorney
posted @ 6:37am ET on February 8, 2016
by RichardDora

Life is full of uncertainties; you can never know what next moment has to offer. Diseases, meeting an accident or other harmful situations can prove ...

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Blog: RichardDora
posted @ 5:59am ET on February 6, 2016
by tstoneall

Hoping that Saturdays weigh in will show a small move on the scale, because I know that with the super bowl party on Sunday, Monday will be over ...

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Blog: Tracey's Journey Blog
posted @ 1:36pm ET on February 5, 2016
by tstoneall

Yesterday I had to fire an employee. This meant I had to work a 16 hour shift and I am now working his overnight shifts until someone new is hired. ...

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Blog: Tracey's Journey Blog
Back again
posted @ 6:37am ET on February 5, 2016
by septsar

After several years I log back in..it looks like the last time I was here was in august 2013 (wow) I met a wonderful man and got a little side ...

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Blog: My Lifestyle Change
posted @ 8:30am ET on February 3, 2016
by tstoneall

Yesterday's weather consisted of a blizzard that told people to stay off the roads. So after working the overnight shift I went home and slept, then ...

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Blog: Tracey's Journey Blog
I'll never give up
posted @ 12:03pm ET on February 2, 2016
by mamawes

Here I am again. My last dr appt I was told my cholesterol is too high and my doc has given me 1 last chance to see if I can get cholesterol lowered ...

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Blog: Getting it right
Healthy life
posted @ 11:24am ET on January 30, 2016
by healthy choice

This is about helping people make the right healthy choice in life. At times we want to eat what's right but our mind and eyes gives us the desire ...

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Blog: Healthy choice
Become The best you and inspire others
posted @ 10:52pm ET on January 29, 2016
by noahsoliz

For years i personally have struggled with weight. From eating disorders to toxic pills. Now i live a happy, healthy live and i also help others ...

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Blog: Lose weight feel AMAZING
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