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Time to get serious about getting my health back
posted @ 10:18am ET on July 6, 2015
by djames82

I am presently 55 years of age. I reached 30 years of service this year as a Orange County Public Schools. It is now time for me to consider my ...

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Blog: The Journey Of James T. DeShay
Ive only lost 8 pounds since Jan but....
posted @ 7:30am ET on July 6, 2015
by Anuba

Was doing good at the start of the year but health and moving got in the way and I reached a standstill but Ive been put on a new medication now for ...

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Blog: Anuba's Little Place of Thoughts
Dr. Phil's
posted @ 7:38pm ET on June 29, 2015
by abcfaith

Dr. Phil says you can heal what you acknowledge. Set goals about weight, but also set goals about how you will feel when you lose that weight. What ...

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Blog: Starting Again..:)
recognizing the problem
posted @ 10:39am ET on June 28, 2015
by abcfaith

Two years ago, I had a surge of health. My thyroid and hormones levels had been insane. The doctor was able to get everything under control and I ...

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Blog: Starting Again..:)
putting the fork down
posted @ 8:05pm ET on June 26, 2015
by abcfaith

Well, today is the day. I haven't put down the fork, however, I am ready. First set back, I wanted to use the personality piece of the weight ...

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Blog: Starting Again..:)
The beginning
posted @ 12:02pm ET on June 17, 2015
by Connie5166

Today is my first day here at this blog. Not sure if I like it. Would like to get a picture up but can't figure it out. 😏 Haven't gotten out ...

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break the plateau
posted @ 6:09pm ET on June 2, 2015
by restoredhealth7

Hi group! I lost 10 pounds in March and have been om plateau, up and down a couple of pounds. I'm exercising 4 times a week miniimum. I was ...

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Blog: Plateau
Love that dirty water
posted @ 12:59am ET on May 26, 2015
by arcticmom

Guess who's going to Boston? I'm so excited, 2 whole weeks with family. I am also nervous because I need to stay on track. I have to plan what to ...

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Blog: Fall down 7 times get up 8.
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