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Days Before Thanks
posted @ 9:42am ET on November 22, 2015
by thomash

Here goes the beginning of a journey. I've tried it all along the way. OA. Accountability Partners. Calorie counting. WW. Sometimes it worked, ...

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Blog: DefeatEmoEating
Motivation Needed
posted @ 2:49am ET on November 18, 2015
by tdeef20

Hello All I Adam new to the site & in need of some motivation. After switching to a night shift job I never feel rested, I lack the motivation to ...

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Blog: Tric's Challenge
posted @ 8:53am ET on November 14, 2015
by clarkm1c

Is the analysis tool available? In the past I used the tool often. After not using diet.com for a few months, I returned to it...but haven't been ...

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Blog: Mikel
Me Aye again
posted @ 7:44am ET on November 1, 2015
by Anuba

Still only half a stone weight loss (approx 8 pound really ) since Jan ----- :( gonna step it up today x

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Blog: Anuba's Little Place of Thoughts
A year and two months later
posted @ 10:35am ET on October 30, 2015
by lissaddy

I am back. A lot has happened over the past year and two months. 43 pounds, a lot!!!! Urghhh. Thought I gained a little less then what I ...

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Blog: Kendra's thoughts
Trying, failing, trying again and succeeding.
posted @ 12:48pm ET on October 19, 2015
by mariamaes

When my mum died in April 2006 I was 8st 10lbs. Comfort eating took me to 10st 12lbs in Sept 2007. 9st 7lbs on 22/03/09 that is 19lb in two years. ...

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Blog: Maria's Weight Struggle
My 200 pounds weight reduction
posted @ 6:43pm ET on October 13, 2015
by Bry-200pounds

Hi everyone, My name is Bry. Over the past 3 years I have lost over 200 pounds without surgery. When I was about 6-7 years old is when I started ...

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Blog: Bry's story
Back atter
posted @ 3:33pm ET on October 12, 2015
by mamawes

3 yrs later and I'm back. I should never have left this group. I guess I didn't want to be accountable to anyone. And here I am. A wee bit heavier, ...

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Blog: Getting it right
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