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posted @ 9:09am ET on April 21, 2014
by tstoneall

I am a yoyo diet person. I do well for months then things get hectic and out of control and I lose my motivation and determination. This year has ...

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Blog: Tracey's Journey Blog
posted @ 10:02pm ET on March 31, 2014
by arcticmom

Our cat had kittens! My gifts for winning the WLC arrived! I stopped Crossfit and now going to a gym. Even though I said I would never join a gym ...

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Blog: Fall down 7 times get up 8.
Rain or Shine, Get on Your Grind!
posted @ 11:24am ET on March 29, 2014
by brils347

Yesterday I had a mild amount of success! I promised myself that I would eat healthy the rest of the day after writing my blog, and sure enough I ...

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Blog: The Endless Battle with Sugar
I like to learn things the hard way.
posted @ 1:22pm ET on March 12, 2014
by lissaddy

Nicotine addiction VS Food addiction...what's the difference??? I have not smoked since 02/18/2014. Not a cigarette, not a puff, NADA, ZERO, ...

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Blog: Kendra's thoughts
New Year's 2014 Weight Loss Challenge Winners!!!
posted @ 6:00am ET on March 3, 2014
by CSL-Bailey

Helllloooooo Diet.com members and Weight Loss Challengers! I'm so excited to finally announce the WINNERS of our 2014 New Year's Weight Loss ...

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Blog: CSL-Chat!
I am angry with myself!!!!
posted @ 11:28am ET on February 24, 2014
by lissaddy

So I have been doing fabulous with out smoking... It has been 6 days. Sometimes I think I would rather smoke. I know I made a positive decision by ...

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Blog: Kendra's thoughts
posted @ 1:10pm ET on February 20, 2014
by lissaddy

I am a smoker. I have smoked cigarettes since I was 18 if not younger. I am a pack a day smoker and my vicious quitting cycle has been one beast, ...

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Blog: Kendra's thoughts
Almost Done
posted @ 12:27am ET on February 16, 2014
by tasha23

Well I havent had my kids for 3 days, and INSTEAD OF FEELING FREE and love the fact I can do anything really....I feel sad and like I miss them so ...

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Blog: Tasha's Blog :)
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