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The Great Salt Debate
posted @ 8:00am ET on July 22, 2014
by DietitianConsult

Reducing the salt in your diet is not a new topic in the health world. It has been engaged in a never-ending battle between flavor and health. ...

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Blog: Dietitian Consult
Week #1
posted @ 1:29am ET on July 16, 2014
by Middle Aged

I have always told myself that it's best to start a diet or life style change on a Monday. My thought process around this was that it's the ...

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Blog: Over the Hill
Crunching the lab results
posted @ 8:31pm ET on July 14, 2014
by arcticmom

Total cholesterol 244 Triglycerides 103 HDL 53 LDL 170 Glucose 87 TSH 2.85 Yikes! my cholesterol is so high supposed to be less than 200. . ...

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Blog: Fall down 7 times get up 8.
Summertime update
posted @ 4:34am ET on July 13, 2014
by dizz15926

Happy July everybody. I am currently working nightshift right now so I have time to sit & post an update on what's new with me. I am still working ...

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Blog: Kaylie's Blog
Having My Cake and Eating it Too
posted @ 4:06pm ET on July 12, 2014
by AmyClaire777

What Works: Substituting snacks for a piece of cake that our friend brings over on some Saturdays. Instead of saying no, instead of adding extra ...

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Blog: What's Working - What's Not
5 Excuses Emotional Eaters Make
posted @ 6:00am ET on July 7, 2014
by DrRogerGould

There are many excuses that emotional eaters give for hanging on to their habit of overeating, even when it affects their mental and physical ...

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Blog: Shrink Yourself
Weight update not great
posted @ 9:56pm ET on July 5, 2014
by arcticmom

I have been working out and eating healthy for 3 months and haven't lost any weight. I actually gained and then lost those 2 pounds. Do you have any ...

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Blog: Fall down 7 times get up 8.
Thoughts on Garcinia Cambogia?
posted @ 11:02pm ET on July 2, 2014
by CarryV

This past weekend I went to the Vitamin World in the mall I work at and spoke to someone that worked there about Garcinia Cambogia. I had read a few ...

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Blog: My Journey
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