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Here I go again....
posted @ 2:45pm ET on September 22, 2014
by bluecafe

Once again I find myself on a "new diet". I have sucessfully lost a significant amount of weight only to regain it twice. It seems I only know two ...

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Blog: If only you knew
I'm back!
posted @ 11:59pm ET on September 16, 2014
by bamstout

Wow! Last I posted I wasn't even 20 weeks pregnant. Now my little girl Iris Charlie is almost four months old! I hope to see some of my old regulars ...

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Blog: Amber's Tell All
5 Small Bites: Making Positive Life Changes
posted @ 6:00am ET on September 15, 2014
by PattyJames

A new season is approaching, with all that "new" suggests. Perhaps you envision new work endeavors, stronger family ties, and convictions to be more ...

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Blog: Vital Health with Patty James
The Best Fast-Burning Workout
posted @ 6:00am ET on September 15, 2014
by FitnessExpertKatrina

I discovered a long time ago that to get your body burning fat faster, you need to add weights to your workouts. Strength/resistance training is ...

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Blog: Fitness Expert Katrina
Overcoming An All-or-Nothing Attitude
posted @ 6:00am ET on September 15, 2014
by Dr. Jamy Ard

All or nothing... Most of us believe that if you do something, you should give your full effort. No one embarks on a new project expecting not to ...

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Blog: Imagine the Difference
Food Glorious Food
posted @ 10:25pm ET on September 11, 2014
by AmyClaire777

So I will share each day my meals - as a way of meal tracking with attention and gratitude. Breakfast: 3 egg white omelet with salsa, a small ...

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Blog: What If?
Week 2 - Starting with Atkins
posted @ 10:40am ET on September 11, 2014
by ashevillemaggie

I found a neat web site where you can compare diets, 3 at a time, if anyone is interested: www.health.com/health/diet-guide/ So starting week 2 I ...

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Blog: 30 Diets in 30 Days
Day 6 - Act like a Caveman
posted @ 11:03am ET on September 10, 2014
by ashevillemaggie

Monday - The Paleo Diet AKA The Caveman Diet The theory behind this one is that we should eat like our caveman ancestors did, with the types of ...

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Blog: 30 Diets in 30 Days
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