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PostPosted: Sun Dec 28, 2008 6:37 am    Post subject: Looking for a motivational buddy or advice Reply with quote

I am 26 and 220lbs. Fortunately I carry weight well, so my self esteem isn't a big issue (though I would like to be a little more svelte for my super hot boyfriend - although he loves me for me, I do have a bit of vanity), but I realize the health issues, and I have been having trouble sleeping lately...I fear possibly some sleep apnia.

I used to be pretty active in high school (vollyball and cheerleading) and maintained a pretty nice weight until my junior year. Then teenage depression hit, and I gained weight not by eating, but by stopping pretty much all physical activity.

Recently (the past few years) I have been trying to get my weight back to a "point where I was happy" which is around 135-140 (I'm 5'2" and think it's sexy to be a little curvaceous). My problem is three fold.

1. I can exercise, I hate it for the first two weeks, but then my body starts to crave it (I get kinda sick if I don't) but it takes getting over those two weeks. And getting over those two weeks is hard.

2. I can lose weight. I even got my weight down to 190 in a reasonably quick amount of time (over several months), and was very proud of myself, but I have a habit of cutting back when I am successful for some reason...like, I am seeing results, and "reward" myself by allowing some laziness.

3. I love to cook, however, in the past 8 months I have gotten into a very very bad habit of eating A LOT of fast food. I know I need to stop. We got snowed in for about 2 weeks, and as soon as we could get out, my boyfriend and I went to Burger King while we were out running errands, and I felt so sick afterward. I know it's bad for me, but it's really convenient and my boyfriend loves it.

So, I guess I just need some support and advice as far as maintaining the goal and not slacking off once I see a couple of results. If anyone has had the same problem, and has any advice, I would love to hear it.
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2008 12:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Welcome! I know just what you mean in #2, I also catch myself sometimes thinking that this is the lowest weight I've been since the end of middle school, so I could stop here and be happy. But I remind myself that I will look and feel better if I keep going! If I stop here, I will regret not meeting my goal, and those extra pounds I could have lost might lead to health problems later in life!

Fast food is definitely a habit to break, or at least cut back on. Just check out its "nutritional" info online, it's enough to terrify anyone!

Maybe to get over those first two weeks of exercise, you can reward yourself (not with food!) after you complete it. New exercise clothes, music or a movie... there are lots of options!

Good luck, keep us updated on your progress! Very Happy
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2008 3:40 am    Post subject: Totally in the same boat Reply with quote

I totally understand where you are at. I am 27 and weigh 216 lbs. I don't really have self esteem issues, but just feel gross lately.

I too have the ability to lose weight but lately have lacked the motivation and the right people to help motivate.

I love to work out once I get into it, but once I fall out of it (like now) I just can't get back into it.

Our big difference, I don't cook. I eat out a lot and am always looking for easy recipes that are healthy.

My biggest issue with my weight right now is my health. I have gained a lot of weight in the last couple years, and it has all been in my stomach. I know that this is the worst place to carry it and am hoping to get to a healthier place.
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2008 6:17 am    Post subject: Thanks! Reply with quote

Thank you! I did get out today, this will be my walking week, and then I am going to try and get back into jogging using the About Running program: http://running.about.com/od/getstartedwithrunning/ht/getstarted.htm

I hate jogging, but my dogs love it because they can go a normal pace instead of pulling at the leash for me to go their speed. I used to jog twice a day in high school for vollyball, and I have 2 dogs, so, maybe I can get back into it. I even got fitted for proper shoes from Portland Running Company. I know I have to start back up, because the other day I got an asthma attach from physical activity, and I ONLY get attacks when I am sick...it's a bad sign that my health has deteriorated to a point where physical activity will trigger an attack.

But, I also ate McDonald's today since I was tired from a very long meeting and didn't want to cook, even though I have perfectly good chicken in the freezer that I can bread and broil, and broccoli that needs to be steamed (I LOVE steamed broccoli)...sigh. And I know about the nutrition "values" of fast food. I even watched Super Size me when it first came out and got so sick watching it I threw up and gave up fast food and all soda (that's what took me to 190) but my bf loves it and still has the 21 year old body that doesn't get effected by it at the moment. So it's hard.

The lowest weight I was was 106, but that was as a freshman, and I felt I needed a bit more weight on me to be attractive, I was too bony, that awkward teenage weight.

I've tried thinking of rewards, and I haven't come up with any that I stick with, or that I have the discipline to not just cave and get anyway. Embarassed

I think that's what I mostly lack...discipline.

betsyboog - I know where you're coming from. It feels so daunting when you have to start, like you're pushing against a huge wall, or pulling against the something huge (the pull of the comfy couch in the warm house maybe?) but then it all seems silly a couple weeks later when the movement comes naturally, and you wonder what all the fuss was about.

I've decided that I will just start with walking. The dogs haven't been walked in so long, and my 4 month old puppy needs to be properly leash trained. Just a walk around the block, with some good music, and then you get into a groove with a good song that just makes your feet want to move. I found that's the best way to start. I pick songs with good beats and just move with them, match their pace, maybe shake my booty a little as I walk...I'm sure I look ridiculous, but it's fun, LOL.

My middle is were a lot of my weight is as well; my abs and my butt. I'm not so concerned about the rest of my body, but I am getting REALLY worried about my abs because I now have that horrid overhangy pooch thing, and I'm seriously afraid I will have to get surgery to correct the skin...*weeps* I am HOPING that with proper exercise it will shrink up OK.

But thanks guys, for the encouragement, and sharing. It's always nice to know you're not the only one who has the same obstacles to overcome.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 2009 2:33 am    Post subject: Way to Go! Reply with quote

At least you got started with the walking. Next time you HAVE to eat fast food go for the salad with chicken or if necessary.. a kids meal.
I just joined. I thought that the Challenge would be something fun to do. I too was very active in high school -- cheerleading & soccer. I while in college and through the first few months of my pregnacy I taught aerobics and was a personal trainer. My son is now 6. When I got pregnant with him, I was at 135 I had gained a few pounds after a knee surgery. When I went in to deliver him I weighed 176 (most of which I gained in my last trimester.) Anyway, after complications I had an emergency Caesarian. I never went below that weight again. I have touched it a few times but I still weigh more than I did at full term pregnancy. My max weight was 202 and I am not far off of that now at 198. I know what to do I just don't commit myself to doing it. I have promised myself that this time I will succeed. We can do this.
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