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Dieting doesn't have to be scary. Our diet experts are here to help you figure out what to eat and how what you eat affects your whole body! In our diet blogs - written by diet, nutrition, fitness and motivation experts - you'll learn more about a healthy diet, what to eat, and how to stay on track with your healthy eating.

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Stephen Cabral
Stephen Cabral, CPT/CSCS is the author of Fatlossity as well as founder and director of FitLife by ...

John McGran
John McGran is finally practicing what he preaches here at He is off to a good start with his new diet ...

Beth Aldrich is the author of the upcoming book, Real Moms Love to Eat (Penguin NAL, January, 2012), a Health & ...

Tracie Sanderlin has lost 180 pounds without losing her love of food. The married mom of one still cooks up a ...

Frank Addleman
Frank Addleman is professor emeritus at Santa Ana college in California where he taught nutrition and fitness in ...

Mike Geary
CPT & Certified Nutrition Specialist, is the author of the international best-seller, The Truth about Six Pack ...

Recent Diet Blogs
Know This Vital Sign!
Posted @ 12:00am ET on February 25, 2008
Blog: Diet Talk from the Doc
By DrDiet
Wider waists are being linked to a tripling of the stroke rate in women, ages 35 and 54. According to new research, abdominal obesity appears to be a stronger risk factor in women than in men – a finding that is startling health experts. Spike in ...
Best Way To Lose Weight
Posted @ 12:00am ET on February 22, 2008
Blog: Diet Talk from the Doc
By DrDiet
Does losing weight and keeping it off require making small steps or big changes in your lifestyle? Confusion about the best ways to lose weight is common among dieters but when top diet experts have conflicting opinions, it's time to take notice. Large ...
Kirstie Alley's Mission: Make Fat America Fit!
Posted @ 12:00am ET on February 22, 2008
Blog: Celebrities and Diet
By Diet Diva
THE ALLEY DIET… By now you've heard Kirstie Alley will no longer be working for Jenny Craig. She is however looking to create her own diet program! Hopefully by now, you have all seen my YouTube video, "Sarah Fights Back." If not, click here. By the way I ...
Keeping Candy In Your Diet
Posted @ 12:00am ET on February 22, 2008
Blog: Lady Diet
By Lady Diet
This is Lady Diet - the fit, fun and fabulous host of's weekly Diet & Fitness Podcast! Part of a successful diet is embracing the mindset “everything in moderation.” Cutting out the treats that you love can actually set you up for failure ...
There's A New Kid In Town
Posted @ 11:02am ET on February 21, 2008
Blog: Slim 'n Sexy At Any Age
By JVBody
Hi all you bloggers, I'm Joyce Vedral and I'm here because chief editor John McGran thought I'd be a perfect fit for you. I have been a fitness pro for as long as some of you have been around. You can see by my photo that my approach to exercise ...
Train Your Brain & Your Body Will Follow
Posted @ 9:17am ET on February 21, 2008
Blog: Mind Over Platter
By RosaSmith
Rather than roll out a first feature for, I thought I would introduce myself. I am Rosa your Virtual Weight Loss Coach! I am certified in Success Coaching and Hypnosis among other mind/body modalities. I also thought I would share with you my ...
Bigfoot Diet: Eat Big, Grow Healthy!
Posted @ 12:00am ET on February 21, 2008
Blog: Diet Write
By DietWrite
by John McGran Chief Editor EDITOR’S NOTE: In this, the third and final installment of our Bigfoot Diet series, we look at the diet that keeps the creature energized and elusive despite spending most of his day on his feet. dietitian ...
Is CUUR A Diet Pill That May Actually Work?
Posted @ 12:00am ET on February 21, 2008
Blog: Celebrities and Diet
By Diet Diva
Every now and again, advertising campaigns seem to go overboard. It’s like that overplayed song you’ve developed a reflex for… a reflex to quickly hit the radio control and change the station immediately. Except in this case it’s TV and sometimes ...
Sensitivity Training for Doctors
Posted @ 12:00am ET on February 20, 2008
Blog: Diet Talk from the Doc
By DrDiet
To better appreciate the physical woes of being terribly overweight, a health expert slipped into a suit consisting of a lead-covered waistcoat with extra weights attached. Her struggle to simply get dressed – and her exhaustion from just doing her daily ...
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